Global Gateway PD and curriculum

The Global Gateway system offers a simple integrated platform for K-12 educator professional development, lesson plans and classroom resources, digital badging for achievements and participation in an incredible collaborative community of global educators. Teachers anywhere in the world can learn to effectively integrate global content into their core instruction.


what the data shows

Our 2013 year-end data shows that teachers, principals and administrators are using Global Gateway’s seamless technology integration, pedagogical approach and global content to support global competence in the classroom.


of teachers report daily use of productive technologies for student-created project-based work.


of teachers agree that students are excited when working on global projects.


of principals and administrators report that Global Gateway supports collaborative instructional planning.


of teacher-created lesson plans demonstrate integration of global content into curriculum.


of teachers agree that students are on-task and focused while working on global projects.


of principals and administrators report that Global Gateway supports transitions to national and state standards.

a smarter way to do pd

professional development

Global Gateway PD is convenient and flexible, allowing teachers to incorporate it into their busy schedules. Our system provides easy to understand, comprehensive progress reports to district leaders every month to show that teachers are developing expertise in Common Core standards, technology and global content.

lesson plans and tools

Global Gateway uses project-based inquiry as the framework for teachers to master Common Core instruction through use of our exemplar lessons and by building their own. The digital resource library enables teachers to access resources as they need them — lesson plans, activities and worksheets are searchable by grade level, subject and standards alignment.

digital badging

Teachers earn badges representing their accomplishments as they work towards Global-Ready designations, signifying their ability to integrate global instruction and project-based learning into classroom instruction. Schools and districts also earn Global-Ready designations by developing and implementing global education plans that address student achievement and teacher professional development.

community of practice

Global Gateway’s collaborative learning platform connects teachers and administrators to other school communities. Districts have access to private portals where educators can distribute announcements, exchange resources and share best practices. All community members can share lessons and best practices with educators around the world.

At the system and school level [we see] more embracing of global education. More parents are asking about it for their children because kids love learning about the world around them. It is nice to see it being adopted.
— Kensington Elementary School Principal Rachel Clarke

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